P2P Creator Rewards for Farcaster

Reward other Farcasters simply by Liking or Recasting posts!

Earn rewards yourself for creating engaging posts and keeping the community strong as it scales. 1 🟣 = 1 point

⛓️ Sign up via Crypto

If you need help subscribing, watch this explainer video or reach out to corbin.eth on Farcaster.

How it works


Subscribe to get points

All subscription payments are passed through to the community minus Stripe/gas fees.


Give points daily

All your Like/Reposts send points to casters automatically. Like an invisible micro tip.


From 🟣 to 💵

End of week, points are converted to USDC & sent to all recipient wallets. It’s that simple.

All users are creators. And they deserve to be rewarded for their content that resonates with the community, all ad free.


Get in touch

corbin.eth on FC